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Newsletter June-2018

Dear Constituents:
The spring session in Alberta’s Legislature is concluded; I’m proud of how our government is working hard to make life better for Albertans. Our government is also taking action to defend the energy industry and is fighting to get Trans Mountain Pipeline built.
Roadblocks by the BC government against the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion have caused uncertainty and hurt investors’ confidence, resulting in pipeline delays and the loss of millions of dollars in revenue to the Canadian economy. The delays are impacting hundreds of thousands of jobs, not just in Alberta, but across Canada, not to mention better schools and better hospitals as a result.
In defense of our Energy Industry, our government introduced Bill 12: Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act giving the government authority to, if necessary, require any company exporting energy products from Alberta to obtain a License. Products including natural gas, crude oil and refined fuels like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Export restrictions could be imposed on pipelines, or transport via rail or truck. Companies would not be automatically required to apply for an export license and would only be directed to do so if the minister deemed it necessary.
These powers are not powers Alberta wants to use, but we will do so if it means long-term benefit for the industry, for Alberta, and for Canada. This legislation is about having maximum flexibility and leverage in the event of future efforts to delay or block construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Our government introduced Bill 1: The Energy Diversification Act to avoid boom and bust cycle in the economy and stabilize our leadership in oil and gas. Renewal of the Petrochemical Diversification Program awarded support for two projects expected to create more than 4,000 construction jobs and over 200 full-time jobs during operation.
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Newsletter- May 2018

Dear Constituents:

With the arrival of spring, 2018 budget was tabled by our government– A Recovery Built to Last. The Budget continues to extend the benefits of Alberta's economic recovery to all Albertans; continues to build a more resilient, diversified and stable economy; less vulnerable to oil price shocks- a recovery that is built to last for everyone.

We are working to get needed pipelines built for access to new markets and get better value for our resources by adding value to our resources right here at home.


Diversifying the economy:

Diversification within the energy sector:


Making sure our loved ones get the care they need


Helping young people get the best education possible

Ensuring no one is left behind


Returning to Balance

Economic recovery and a growing population will increase government revenues in the coming years. Public dollars will be focused on where they are needed most. While eliminating waste, controlling spending and finding efficiencies.


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Newsletter- May 2017

Dear Constituents:

I hope you have been enjoying the new flowers and green leaves under beautiful blue skies as we head towards summer.

Budget 2017 Highlights:



Energy Efficiency Alberta:

For details on programs please visit or call 1-844-357-5604 or email or contact 310-0000(toll-free) or visit


Building Accessible Parks:

Office Open House:

May 12, 2017 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm with our special guest and constituent, David Kelly, P.Eng CEO of SkyFire Energy Inc ,

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Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- April 2017

Dear Constituents:

I hope you are well and enjoying some spring weather and activities with family and friends. Thanks to all those who came to our office open house on March 17th. I trust it was useful discussing transferable skills in the oil and gas and renewable industry with our special guest from Iron+Earth.  As Alberta’s Legislative Assembly is in session, we are diligently doing estimates on the provincial budget of 2017-18. Being a member of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship, I appreciate reviewing how funds are allocated to Environment and Parks, Transportation, Municipal Affairs, Treasury Board and Finance, Energy and Indigenous Relations.

Based on inquiries lately, I would like to provide further information on natural gas bills in this newsletter. Please do not hesitate to contact us or call the Climate Leadership Plan Hotline at 310-0000 for specific feedback.

Carbon Levy: Because it is based on natural gas consumption, it will decrease considerably in warmer months for most consumers. In addition to rebates, the carbon levy is funding energy saving efficiency programs that will help Albertans reduce their energy use, allowing them to save even more of their rebate, and additional energy costs. The cost of the carbon levy is much less than historical fluctuations we have seen in natural gas prices. It is vital that we protect families from energy price volatility.  By funding energy efficiency programs, the revenues from the carbon levy will help Albertans directly. Incentives and program information is available at

The carbon levy is only a small part of the increase. ENMAX stated: “about 80 per cent of the increase in bills can be directly attributed to the extended and extremely cold temperatures we’ve experienced this winter” as compared to our very mild November. Natural gas prices have also increased slightly. Most households can expect to pay around $120 extra in 2017 for natural gas. The carbon rebate for couples making up to $95,000 per year is $300, with an additional $30 per child.

Recently, Alberta’s government announced a $36-million rebate program for solar installation on residential and commercial buildings. By 2019, the new program is expected to:

Distribution Charges: Any higher distribution charges are a result of continuous investment and improvements in the distribution systems that bring gas to your homes and businesses.

Regulated Rate Option: Our government announced a 6.8 cent per kWh price ceiling on the regulated rate option that will take effect June 1, 2017.

Any questions about your bill can be directed to your energy provider or to the Utilities Consumer Advocate. The UCA can be reached by phone at 310-4822 or email at

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Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- March 2017

Dear Constituents:

As we enter spring, the spring session at Alberta’s Legislative Assembly will begin from March 02, 2017 with the Throne Speech. It will be the beginning of setting new goals and direction to drive our province forward and serve the best interests of Albertans.  I feel honoured and privileged to represent the exemplary constituents of Calgary-Glenmore who leave no stone unturned to demonstrate tremendous leadership and stewardship.

  Coal Transition: Coal plants are a major source of air pollution, releasing pollutants like:


The Costs of Clean Coal:


Support for Communities:

Coal Mines


Please share your ideas by completing this online survey:


Open House: I will be happy to see you on March 17, 2017 at our open house from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at our Calgary-Glenmore constituency office. We have invited Kerry Oxford from IRON + EARTH: Oilsands Workers for Renewable Energy as our guest to speak informally on transferable skills.

Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

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Newsletter- February 2017

Dear Constituents:

As we enter the second month of the New Year, I am happy to mention that I am chairing the Caucus Budget Advisory Committee: it works closely with the Minister of Finance and provides assistance to the ministry to prepare the upcoming Spring budget 2017. I am glad to have this leadership opportunity to provide my insight into the budget to serve Albertans’ best interests.

We are working hard towards job creation in our province: with new initiatives like the Energy Efficiency Program, the Alberta Investor Tax Credit and the Capital Investment Tax Credit, the Petrochemicals Diversification Program and with capital investment in roads, hospitals and schools, you will begin to see the effects in our economy. Since August of 2016 the province has added 25,000 jobs.

It was clear that the old method of confrontational politics of shouting at Ottawa and the other provinces, was not working to get Alberta better access to markets for our oil and gas products.

We chose a different path and decided to build a plan that would protect our environment and build our energy economy. The pipeline approvals are proof that this plan worked: When Prime Minister Trudeau announced these pipeline approvals, he said, “Let me say this definitively, we could not have approved this project without the leadership of Premier Notley and Alberta’s climate leadership plan.”

Starting in early 2017, Energy Efficiency Alberta will deliver a variety of programs and services for energy efficiency and small scale renewables.

Newsletter- January 2017

Dear Constituents:

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had an excellent holiday season with family, friends and loved ones. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you who came to our Holiday Open House on December 9, 2016. My staff and I were thrilled to share joyous moments with you there. As we are entering the New Year, I am delighted to share our government’s achievements along with my participation and contributions in the house in 2016.

Pipelines: I am very proud the Kinder Morgan and Line 3 pipelines were given federal approval. I know we Albertans have been waiting for this day for a very long time; finally our Premier and governments tireless efforts have paid off. Our made-in Alberta plan is getting results to ensure Albertans do not have to choose between jobs and the environment; this proves we can have the best of both. This decision means access to the largest market in the world and fairer value for our oil and gas resources, jobs and prosperity for Albertans and Canadians alike, and an end to Alberta’s energy resource landlock. Many congratulations to all of you and thanks to the federal government.

Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC) & Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC): While in session, another moment of pride for me was to represent Calgary-Glenmore as co-sponsor of Bill 30: Investing in a Diversified Alberta Economy Act through the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. This bill is a big step towards promoting economic diversification, supporting employers and entrepreneurs, creating jobs and new opportunities, encouraging investment and providing security for future generations.

The AITC is a great incentive for entrepreneurs because it supports enterprises in the early stages of development. It gives a 30% Tax Credit to investors in a wide range of sectors, including renewable energy, manufacturing or processing, agriculture, agri-business and agri-food, transportation and logistics, financial services, creative industries and tourism. This credit would support upto 4,400 new jobs over three years and contribute up to $500 million to the province’s GDP.

The CITC supports large scale capital investments in manufacturing, processing, infrastructure and tourism through a 10% tax credit.

My participation in the house to support this bill consisted not only of a speech but also a short poem I wrote; you can see both of these on my Facebook page. Both credits apply to a wide range of investments and I would highly encourage you all to consider applying for them. For further information on these investment credits please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Every time I enter the House, I feel very proud of the extensive entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional talents and extraordinary intellect in Calgary-Glenmore I represent. As this New Year gets under way, I want to wish you the best in all your endeavors, and look forward to working with you to move our province forward.

Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

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Newsletter- December 2016

Happy Holidays Dear Constituents!

Peace to you, your family, friends and loved ones during this special holiday season. I have been in session throughout this time with many opportunities to speak to various bills and motions. My participation in the house can be watched on a timely basis on my Facebook page as all video clips are posted there. Along with the session activities, I was happy to attend various community Halloween parties, Remembrance Day ceremonies and other community engagements to meet with you in-person, and stay engaged. Also, I was delighted to be at the opening of the Anderson Pedestrian Overpass between Cedarbrae and Woodlands that is 100% funded by Alberta’s government. It is a great initiative to connect our communities. Based on the recent inquiries I have been receiving on the SW Ring Road, I am excited to include an overview on the matter. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Southwest Ring Road: The project reached a financial close on September 13, 2016. The Mountain View Partners consortium was selected as the proponent. The contract is worth $1.42 billion in 2016 dollars, to be paid over the 35-year term of the contract. The preliminary work is underway with a targeted opening date in Fall 2021. It is an excellent project to diversify Alberta’s economy and create jobs. The completion of 101 kilometers of the ring road is an investment in the long-term safe and efficient movement of goods & people in and around Calgary. It will provide improved market access across Calgary, the province, Canada and to foreign ports. The government’s objective is to complete this important project in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.

Alberta’s government is working closely with the Tsuu T’ina Nation, partnering with them on initial work and will continue to build a collaborative working relationship in the future. Measures for environmental mitigation are being taken into account and further discussions with stakeholders will occur in the near future. Until now, the Elbow River and Fish Creek crossings have been changed to strike a balance between safety, operations, environmental impact and cost. Based on the feedback from residents and some environmental groups, the bridges over the Elbow River upstream of Weaselhead Park were lengthened and the new bridge over Fish Creek was lengthened to match the existing bridge. Environmental specialists have identified potential impacts to Weaselhead Park and have recommended mitigation with steps to minimize those impacts.

The government will be working closely with the contractor to ensure all permits are established and environmental concerns addressed.

Also, our government is investing more than $7 billion in our provincial highway network to help put Albertans back to work, connect communities and improve safety/travel on our highways.

Mark Your Calendar: Meet Your MLA for some holiday cheer at the Constituency Office of Calgary-Glenmore on December 09th, 2016 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

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Newsletter- November 2016

Dear Constituents:

As we begin the fall legislature, I want to look back and highlight many satisfying engagement opportunities I had in Calgary Glenmore throughout the summer. First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in my Telephone Town Hall on September 21, 2016. We had over 1500 call-ins with numerous participants contributing excellent questions. I hope you felt as engaged as I during this new forum for constituency outreach. My goal is to offer diverse ways of staying in touch that work best so we keep working together and strengthening our communities.  

It has been an exciting time. I attended the AGMs of SWCRC as well as many of our community associations along with other important events and board meetings in Calgary-Glenmore. I cherished moments at the 50th anniversary of our Calgary Rowing Club, Filipino Fiesta, Calgary Pride parade, Walk of Hope for Ovarian Cancer, Field of Fame by Alberta Champions and Alberta’s Gift to the Nation: the Story of the Colonist car #1205 at Heritage Park, Women of Inspiration Award Ceremony, Making Treaty 7, An Engagement with Seniors at Centennial Calgary Branch 285 Royal Canadian Legion and several citizenship ceremonies. Based on the conversations I had, I would like to provide more feedback to recently asked questions. I hope you find the following helpful. For further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Student Aid:  Tuition, apprenticeship and material fees, and mandatory non-instructional fees for domestic students remain frozen throughout the 2016/2017 academic year. The government invested a two percent increase to post-secondary institution budgets for 2016. For example, Alberta’s government doubled the value of grants targeted to low-income student loan borrowers, eliminating the use of spousal income as an eligibility criteria, expanding eligibility for student loans to apprentices, and increasing living allowances and loan limits. When needed, there are programs in place to help students set up manageable repayment plans that are in sync with their income and family size.

Curriculum Development: Our government’s new approach to developing curriculum will span six years and work will be done simultaneously on six subject areas. This will build better connections across subjects and infuse First Nations, Metis and Inuit, as well as Francophone content into all areas of the curriculum. It is anticipated that the development of new curriculum will be completed for Kindergarten to Grade 4 in late 2018, Grades 5 to 8 in late 2019, and the high school curriculum will be finished in phases throughout 2020 to 2022. Albertans will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the development of new curriculum before 2017. Specific attention will be given to our Indigenous partners, as we invest funding over six years to ensure they are properly consulted.

Save the date: Season’s Greetings Office Open House on Friday, December 9 th, 2016 from 4-6PM!

We always welcome your ideas/suggestion for more engagement opportunities with your MLA and therefore, please share your thoughts with us.

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Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- October 2016

Dear Constituents:

As we enter autumn, I continue to enjoy meeting constituents and attending community and stakeholder events.  Also, I’m working hard on the Standing Committee for Resource Stewardship and the Economic Development Policy Committee; while reviewing bills and motions that best serve Albertans for session on October 31, 2016.

Some important initiatives the Government of Alberta is taking to benefit Albertans:

Pipelines: Premier Notley and the Ministers have had positive discussions with Canadian leaders about the importance of pipelines with success. Every government in Canada is committed to the view that developing energy infrastructure like pipelines is urgent to addressing our nation’s economic situation. Pipelines are the safest way to transport Alberta’s oil, benefitting all Canadians through jobs and a strong economy.

Tools for Albertans: Alberta Works offers a wide range of career and employment services to assist Albertans, whether making career transitions or looking for employment. For more information, visit

Minimum Wage: The $15 hourly minimum wage will be phased in by 2018, which means there will be fewer families visiting the foodbank to make ends meet. Nearly, 300,000 Albertans will get closer to a living wage. The government has taken steps for a smoother transition through the current economic climate and increased minimum wage through: 


Infrastructure Investment: The government’s funding commitments include $900 million in affordable housing and $365 million to expand long-term care, which means more than 2,000 long-term care beds for seniors throughout Alberta. About 30 new school projects opened for students in September and another dozen or so projects will open by the end of 2016.

Healthcare Optimization: The Government of Alberta and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) have achieved a tentative agreement. This agreement is good for doctors, and good for patients. It is a significant step in our promise to slow the growth of health spending while protecting services.

Southwest Calgary Ring Road: The construction of the ring road began in September. Please continue to bring all of your individual SWCRR inquiries to our office for a more specific response, but otherwise, please go to and


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Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- September 2016

Dear Constituents:

As we transition to autumn, I hope all of you were able to make the most of summer and get ready for the new school year & upcoming ventures. It was a great time for myself to do a self-reflection and I want to ask yourselves about the best possible ways I can best serve you as your MLA. I would be delighted to learn about how I can be the best I can be as the MLA representing you. Therefore, please contact me at the contact information provided to share your thoughts and suggestions. I look forward to having your feedback.

I, your MLA along with the government have been working very hard to create jobs in Alberta and boost our province’s economy. The collapse in oil prices has caused economic pain and anxiety throughout the province. For this reason, in this newsletter I would like to share information about the Alberta Jobs Plan in-depth.

Alberta Investor Tax Credit: $90 Million for the new Alberta Investor Tax Credit provides a credit to those investing in small-and-medium sized enterprises.

Capital Investment Tax Credit: $75 Million for this credit provides credits for the first-time acquisition of new or used property or spending in value-added agriculture, tourism infrastructure, culture, manufacturing and processing industries.

The Entrepreneurship Incubator Program: It helps entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses bring their ideas to market.

Reduction in the Small Business Income Tax Rate: The income tax rate for small businesses have been reduced from three percent to two percent and is effective January 01, 2017.

The New Alberta Child Benefit and Enhancements to the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit: This provides approximately $340 Million in combined benefits to 199,000 families and will help children get a good start in life. Also, it helps Albertans in need get back on their feet and under this plan, 380,000 children will be better off.

The Climate Leadership Plan: Invests in public transit, energy efficiency, new cleaner electricity and continuous strong negotiations with provincial and federal partners to build new pipelines-The safest and most efficient way to deliver Alberta’s traditional energy products to new markets.

The Alberta Jobs Plan also provides help for apprentices to complete their training/work experience requirements and supports the Training for Work Program. For further details on the Alberta Jobs Plan please check the website as well as the website for Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade at

The Government of Alberta could have chosen to make cuts during these rough times to the services people rely on but, it has chosen to support Albertans by creating jobs and investing in infrastructure.

The Alberta Jobs Plan Invests:

-$3.5 Billion to build and modernize schools

-$9 Billion in funding to municipalities

-$900 Million to ensure Albertans live in affordable homes

-$365 Million to continuing care

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- August 2016

Dear Constituents:

Thank you to all the constituents who attended our MLA Stampede Breakfast at Heritage Park on July 13th, 2016. I was very happy to see you and pleased you took the time to make the event a success.  

Alberta Registry Renewal Reminders: I would like to remind you that the paper reminders from Service Alberta will no longer be issued for the renewal of license plates, driver’s licenses and other government IDs. Therefore, please register online at to receive electronic reminders and review the documents for their expiration dates.

Electricity Prices/Carbon Levy: It is worth noting that current and expected transmission cost increases are due to entirely new transmission builds that were approved in 2008. While it is crucial we have a reliable electricity grid that keeps pace with a growing province, decision makers at the time were not clear with Albertans about what the costs would be and who would pay for their decisions.

The government is putting a price on carbon pollution across the entire economy, and every bit of the revenue generated from our price on carbon will be reinvested back into Alberta’s economy, including the pocketbooks of Alberta families and to diversify our economy and create good, mortgage-paying jobs through investments in renewables and infrastructure.

This plan is cost neutral for most Albertans. Two-thirds of Albertans will receive a rebate to ensure the direct costs of emissions do not place an unfair burden on them and that their efforts to reduce their energy consumption are rewarded. Please note that even once the carbon levy is fully implemented, Alberta will still have the lowest taxes in the country.

The government has announced the creation of a new energy efficient agency, Energy Efficiency Alberta, to help families, businesses and municipalities reduce both their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts will help Albertans save on energy bills, and create new jobs in insulation, retrofitting and rebuilding. Until now, Alberta has been the only province without a plan to improve energy efficiency of our homes, workplaces, and public buildings and was long past due.  More details will be available soon.

There will also be an adjustment program to assist coal-dependent communities, Indigenous communities, low-income families, and small business to adjust to and succeed in a diversified, lower carbon economy.

Alberta’s government has an investment plan that will fully recycle revenues from Alberta’s carbon levy into renewable energy, innovation, public transit, and other measures that will reduce the carbon intensity of our economy.

Alberta Jobs Plan: Please check the link below for details on the government’s initiatives to create jobs in the province.

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Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- June 2016

Dear Constituents:

The budget was announced on April 14th, 2016 and I would like to highlight important aspects of the budget that are avenues towards Alberta’s success. Also, I would like to shed light on my participation in the house during the session.

Budget 2016 Highlights:

Budget 2016 contains cost-savings measures, including freezing salaries for political staff and government managers as well as reducing the number of government agencies, boards and commissions to control the growth of operating spending.

At the same time Budget 2016 also introduces the new Alberta Jobs Plan to help encourage job creation, business capital investment, and economic diversification. This plan has four pillars:

My Participation in the House:

-I was successful to have Motion 503 passed in the house which is about making prescription drugs more affordable for low-income seniors. To watch the debate please scroll to 4:57:37 pm using the link below:

-I stood up to speak in favor of Bill 204: Alberta Tourism Week Act to specifically promote Heritage Park, North Glenmore Park, South Glenmore Park, Glenmore Sailing Club and Weaselhead Park in our beautiful riding of Calgary Glenmore. To watch my speech please scroll to 4:25:56 pm using the link below:

MLA Stampede Breakfast:

July 13th, 2016   7:00 am-10:00 am at Heritage Park

For further details on any of the topics above or others please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- May 2016

Dear Constituents:

I would like to update you on the government’s progress since the opening of the 2nd session of the 29th Legislature on March 08th, 2016 with a Speech from the Throne. Subsequently, I am proud to say that it was a moment of honor for me to rise in the chamber and respond on behalf of my respected constituents. Therefore, in this newsletter I would like to share with you the highlights of that response and share insights into the direction the Alberta government is taking to foster progress in our province.

Alberta Child Benefit and the Family Employment Tax Credit: During the throne speech, her Honor, the Honorable Lois E. Mitchell, spoke to our government investing into the Alberta Child Benefit and Family Employment Tax Credit. This will benefit not only the constituents of Calgary-Glenmore but all Albertan families. Further information can be found at:

Retraining and Skill Development: Alberta’s government is offering financial support for training to assist adult Albertans attain the skills they need to get a job, get a better job, or increase their skills to keep their job. Grant funding is available for full-time training programs and may include income support, tuition, books and supplies. The Skills Investment Bursary helps with costs for part-time training programs. Alberta Works also offers services, training and resources to help Albertans plan a new job path, and search and apply for positions. Further information can be obtained at:

Financial Support for Small and Medium Businesses: The Throne Speech from the Throne highlighted that government is taking steps to support business by making $1.5 Billion available to Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB). These funds will increase lending to small and medium size businesses. This is in addition to directing AIMCo to earmark half a billion dollars for Alberta based companies with growth potential. Further details about this program can be obtained at:

The hard copy of the Speech from the Throne can be picked up at our constituency office.

My response to the speech can be accessed by scrolling to 3:56 pm at:

For further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact at:

Tel: 403 216 5423        Address: #A208, 1600 - 90th Avenue SW Calgary, AB Canada T2V 5A8

Email:       Twitter: @anamkazimMLA

Facebook: Anam Kazim- MLA for Calgary Glenmore

Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Newsletter- April 2016

Dear Constituents:

As we approach spring, I want to shed light on some initiatives the government has taken to improve the quality of life for Albertans and speak to what I’ve heard from constituents at community engagements this month. However, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more personal inquiries.

Seniors Care: 

Our seniors are innovative, hardworking people who built this province. The government has and will support seniors as they age in our communities; even in little things that make a difference, like a quick lift to the grocery store or a pleasant afternoon chat that lifts someone’s spirit. So, we recently announced funding of a new toolkit to help seniors get around town. The University of Alberta’s Medically At Risk Driver Centre developed this Transportation Toolkit for the Implementation of Alternate Transportation for Seniors. For further details on Seniors Transportation, please visit this website:

The government has committed to supporting seniors in three important ways: Affordable housing, safe long term care and a strong healthcare system. The government has also committed to: creating 2,000 long-term care beds over 4 years; phasing in a new model of expanded public home care; and redirecting funds to publicly delivered services.  Home-based care can save money, improve care and quality of life. This past fall, 25 new supportive living projects were approved by the Ministry of Seniors. For the safety of seniors, the government has made $1 million in grants available to help Albertan communities prevent elder abuse. Municipalities, seniors’ groups and community organizations are invited to apply for up to $150,000 over 3 years. We must ensure Alberta’s seniors are safe in their homes and communities. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on the role government may play in ensuring our seniors age with dignity. Since seniors deserve excellent care always, the government as top priority created the Ministry of Seniors and Housing. Also available is the Seniors Advocate Office: at 1-780-422-1812 that works closely with the Ministry of Health.

Job Creation/Diversification Plan:

Government grants for employers to add new hires through mobilized capital has been made available through ATB Financial and AIMCO for these start-ups entering the marketplace. Frontline public services such as health care, education and social services have been stabilized. An investment of $34 billion over 5 years in infrastructure has been made to build schools, roads, bridges and health facilities. This will boost the construction industry and create new jobs. The Climate Change Plan will assist our transition from coal plants to natural gas plants and renewables and create more jobs and protect our environment. The Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) has been reintroduced for students to gain valuable experience. An AB Royalty Credit program has been launched to attract companies to build plastic manufacturing facilities. The Northwest Upgrader facility in Sturgeon County will be running in 2017 that will generate many jobs for Albertans. Our government is also in positive negotiations with other provinces to construct pipelines.

 As always, my staff continues to be available to each and every one of you, do not hesitate to contact or 403-216-5421.

P.S: Save these dates: MLA Office Open House- Fri. April 15th - 4:30pm-6:30 pm & Stampede Breakfast- Wed. July 13th – 7am-10am- Heritage Park.

Best Wishes,

Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore